Why the CIA is more valuable than ever ?

Professionals who are already in the auditing world often weigh the value of a certification. Walking in the shoes of a Certified Internal Auditor has several perks. There’s no point talking about the benefits internal auditors would gain through these accreditations. However, have you wondered why this would be the ideal time to obtain your CIA certification?

At a time when the pandemic is wreaking havoc in the traditional work environment, digitization has already picked up the pace. Amidst new vulnerabilities like fraud and scams in the online space, you need to equip yourself with relevant knowledge. In this post, you will get to know how a CIA certification can add value to your profile during this era.

1. Identifying cybersecurity risks in a remote world

Virtual communication defines the strength of most professional infrastructure these days. As a Certified Internal Auditor, you would have additional responsibilities of identifying cybersecurity risks in a virtual operating platform. A study reveals that only 3% of the global employees used to operate remotely. However, after the pandemic, as much 90% of the people work from home. The latest CIA webinars include relevant measures to deal with frauds and cybersecurity issues. Now that a significant section of the workforce is operating remotely, professionals need to take care of the risk factors.

The CIA examination ensures that the professionals establish their competence in different information security control measures like firewalls, antiviruses, piracy, and hacking. Considering the need of the hour, internal auditors are trying to obtain the certification to streamline their profiles.

2. Providing assurance after identifying risks

As an internal auditor, your primary role is to offer objective scrutiny of possible risks to the organization. In the process, you would help them in risk management. With online CIA certification courses, you can prepare yourself for the examination and gain accreditation. This would make you proficient with risk management aspects.

Remember, you need to deal with more than monetary risks during the global crisis. With enhanced professional knowledge, you would be confident while assisting your clients in warding off the crisis. Apart from financial risks, you may have to deal with issues like the customers, employees, and clients' health conditions. The responsibilities of a CIA in 2021 involve much more than the bottom line.

3. Make strategic decisions

The third part of the CIA involves other aspects that might affect an organization's financial health. This might include certain aspects related to financial accounting and staffing. With this broader focus, certified professionals can contribute to the organization's decision-making process.

In the contemporary economy, businesses encounter a high financial risk. This might include protecting the bottom line by cost curtailing and dealing with relevant issues. For instance, you might consider processes like furlough or mass layoff, which can drastically save costs. These processes involve some inherent risks. As per the IIA, certified professionals would be better positioned to assess the impact of such decisions. As an accomplished professional, you would be able to gain an insight into the overall productivity and the necessary expenses for rehiring staff.

As a forward-thinking professional, you might be interested to know about the CIA CPE requirements. Fortunately, some reputed online platforms offer comprehensive training programs. You may also attend the fraud webinars CIA on such platforms to spearhead your profile. With timely updates and relevant information about your professional space, such courses can comprehensively elevate your competencies. Considering the changed professional scenario in the remote operational environments, CIAs are more valuable than ever.

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