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No, Automation won't Kill the CPA

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Garima Shah

Biller Genie

Monday, May 04, 2020 | 11:00 AM EDT

  • CPA

1 Credit


Subject Area

Business Management and Organization

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Course Description

Technology has a long history in the accounting profession. A report from Accenture predicted “death by digital” by 2020, with 40 percent of transactional accounting work being automated. Now that the future is here, we thought it would be a good time to check in on that prediction. Has technology replaced the human factor? No need to worry - Automation won’t kill CPA’s, it will only enhance their jobs!

In accounting and finance, companies are leveraging new technologies to increase efficiency and streamline business processes. So far, automation in the accounting department has been an opportunity rather than a job killer. It reduces cost and risk because computers make fewer mistakes and work faster. Historically, many of the tasks accountants perform were built on manual data entry into legacy systems that didn’t integrate with each other. CPA’s need access to good data in order to properly do their jobs.The value of the finance and accounting team has never been its ability to count and crunch numbers. Rather, its power to analyze financial and operational results of the business and use those insights to drive better strategic decisions is where its value lies. Automation decreases the chance of human errors and easily provides mountains of data. This means less work for you, giving you the ability to focus on what truly matters - providing the best advisory services for your clients. 

90% of the world still handles invoicing, payments, and reconciliation manually. This leads to small businesses having $3 trillion in uncollected invoices, negatively impacting their cash flow. 82% of businesses fail due to cash flow issues. Automation in the accounting and finance departments can help organizations improve the quality of their governance, reduce risk, deliver more insight, better manage working capital, and improve financial reporting by performing repetitive processes within the software.

Highlights of the webinar:

  • The problem with manual invoicing 

  • Benefits of accounts receivable (A/R) automation 

  • How A/R automation works 

  • Benefits of A/R automation for CPA’s 

  • How you can expand your services

  • How you can gain more clients

    Attend this webinar to give expert advice to your clients on how to increase their cash flow with automation and also have the ability to take on more clients at your firm. 

    Learning Objectives

    • To recognize how A/R automation can save time & money both.
    • To identify how A/R automation works
    • To recognize the benefits of A/R automation
    • To identify how to expand your services & gain more clients

    Who Should Attend?

    • Accountant
    • Accounting Firm
    • Bookkeeper
    • Cloud Accountants
    • CPA (Industry)
    • CPA - Large Firm
    • CPA - Mid Size Firm
    • CPA - Small Firm
    • CPA in Business
    • Entrepreneurial Accountant
    • Entrepreneurial CPA
    • Senior Accountant
    • Tax Accountant (Industry)
    • Young CPA


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