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Package for Maryland Tax Preparers

16 CE

Package Credit Details

  • 12 Credits
  • 2 Credits
  • 2 Credits


myCPE is an Internal Revenue Services (IRS) approved Continuing Education (CE) provider for providing CE credits to MRTP or Maryland tax preparers.

The registered tax preparers are required to complete at least 16 hours of continuing professional education every 2 years based on the date of their registration. This 16 hours CPE package fulfils the mandatory CE requirements for all Maryland Tax Preparers. It also contains a 2 Hour of Ethics webinar as well as 2 hours of Maryland state tax-related subjects webinar. The premium CE Package includes popular webinars from various topics like that of Federal tax law, Federal tax law updates, Maryland state tax-related subject matters, and Ethics.


Course Title Credits Qualifying Subject Area Type
ANATOMY OF AN IRS AUDIT 4 Federal Tax Self-Study (Video)
CIRCULAR 230 ETHICS (LATEST) 2 Ethics (Regulatory) Self-Study (Video)

Package for Maryland Tax Preparers

    Every 2 years based on the date of registration
    16 hours of continuing education related to tax law and tax preparation every 2 years
    2 hours of which must be related to federal or state ethics. (This Package for Maryland Tax Preparers includes a qualifying ethics course.)
Package Notes: Information given by us on CE Requirements / Subject Requirements/ Ethics requirements are based on information sourced from reliable sources. However, these requirements keep on updating. For the latest and updated CE requirements, CLICK HERE to visit the board website.

FAQs FOR Maryland Tax Preparers

Yes, this package would meet the 16 CE requirement for Maryland Tax Preparers which they are required to complete every 2 years.

Each course is created by a qualified and experienced instructor(s). myCPE Packages includes Self-study Courses. Most of the courses are in the form of On-demand Videos, However their are some courses which are Text Based courses. The Self-study Video courses in Packages may be Live recorded presentations converted into Self Study (On-Demand Videos).

After completion of each course of this package or package you will be able to download a certificate with the course title and number of hours. Certificates, as well as your study records, are stored for life and you can access them anytime. Certificates are valid proof for your continuing education credits.

Once you register you will have complete access to all the courses of this package. The self-study format allows you to access the material online 24/7 and study at your own pace.

You have one year from date of purchase of your package to complete each program. Complete your final exam at the end of each webinar any time and get CPE Credit instantly. You can retake the exam multiple times without any additional charges.

Course have minimum passing score of 70% in the final exam and your can take multiple attempts of the said exam.

Our video player tracks & stores the watch time and will show you in the progress bar. But you make sure that you don’t fast forward or manually try to move the progress bar. If you have fast forwarded the video or tried to manually move the progress bar of the video. System wouldn’t capture your watch time. So please let the video go on its own. However being on-demand video you can pause and play and whenever you want and you can watch it in pieces. It will pick up from where you left off. So for a self study courses you will have to
1. Complete the entire video 100%.
2. Answer all the review questions correctly. The review questions are at the bottom of the same page where you are viewing the webinar video.
3. Once you have watched the whole video and answered all the review questions, the Final Quiz will open up. You need to score more than 70% in the Final Quiz to avail your CPE credit. Multiple attempts are allowed for submitting Review and Final Quiz questions.
4. Once you have completed the Review and Final quiz questions, you shall be able to download the credit certificate from the ‘My Certificates’ section. Kindly ensure you have allowed Multiple File download from your web browser to download all certificates
5. You can download individual certificate from your "Account" as well as from this page once you complete a particular courses. Also you can download "Consolidated Certificate" from the package page or from your account.

A Self-study webinar is a recorded video (If it’s a recording of a live webinar you may see polling questions appearing on the screen. You do not need to answer the polling questions and just let the video play). Do not fast forward if you fast forward we may not be able to capture your watch time and you may be required to watch it multiple times. In order to avail your credits for the self-study webinar, you need to answer the review questions correctly and complete the entire video. Once you have done that, the Final Quiz will open up in which you need to score a minimum 70% to qualify for the credit. You can attempt multiple times for answering the review questions and Final quiz questions. Once you have completed the Review and Final quiz questions, you shall be able to download the credit certificate from ‘My Certificates’ section.
If neither of the above cases works, please drop an email to support@my-cpe.com or contact our support team through live chat support.

The evaluation form will be sent to attendees in the next 24 hours after passing the final quiz with at least 70% marks. Kindly note that the evaluation form will only be available to attendees who remained logged in till the end of the webinar and answer all the polling questions.

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