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Imtiaz Munshi

Imtiaz Munshi, CPA (US)

Sugar Land,TX
  • 4.5 / 5
  • 1k+ Professionals Trained

About Speaker

Imtiaz Munshi is a Certified Public Accountant with over 33 years of experience working with small- and medium-sized businesses and accounting firms. Munshi founded Azstec and his CPA firm was instrumental in designing and testing of Azstec’s docNCRYPT encryption and also providing IT Security advisory to many small and mid -size accounting Firms. Munshi is highly experienced in M&A, sales and acquisitions of businesses, strategic planning and transaction structuring. He has acted as CFO for client companies as well as managing companies he created. Munshi has a BA in Finance and Accounting from University of East London.

Area of Expertise

  • Business Strategist
  • Tax Planner
  • Entrepreneur Advisor

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  • 4.5

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Jeff Krause, CPA (US)

Mar 26th 2022

A no-frills, cost-effective means of satisfying the 2-hour Regulatory Review course requirement for renewing one's California CPA license every 6 years. I haven't found a cheaper price on the Internet. As for learning, the materials are clear and coherent, and the examples of professional misconduct and associated penalties are enlightening.


T Daniel Lovejoy, CPA (US)

Jul 28th 2021

This was a great class. I truly appreciate using the actual law with interpretations attached!


Fran Ellis, CPA (US)

Nov 26th 2019

Loved the resources provided to solve a common and potentially destructive problem.


Kate Krenke, CPA (US)

Feb 12th 2020

I thought the material presented was very relevant and valuable information.


LeAnn Gifford, CPA (US)

Nov 26th 2019

Mr. Munshi is a great presenter! I am really happy I took this class!

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