Mike Mudroncik

Mike Mudroncik

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About Speaker

Mike has been with the IRS since 2002 working in the Stakeholder Liaison position since 2009 and, prior to that, as a Revenue Agent, SB/SE Exam Division, in Downers Grove, IL.  

Mike holds degrees in Business Administration and Accounting from Indiana University, an MBA from DePaul University and is working on completing a Master of Science in Taxation degree, also from DePaul University. 

Area of Expertise

  • Small business taxation from education and experie
  • Individual taxation from education and experience
  • IRS policies and procedures
  • Navigating IRS organizations and policies

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  • 4.4

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Anne Horne, CPA (US)

Mar 31st 2022

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to view the webinar in it’s entirety. Although I do not qualify for credit, I really liked the presenter’s approach of giving actual work experience examples. Because I am not currently working, and I am an E.A. without actual work experience other than as a volunteer, I am really liking webinars that give specific examples. So, thank you!


Mary Moffitt, CPA (US)

Jun 30th 2022

Mike did a great job. I'm a retired IRS Revenue Agent and worked an e-currency case which was prosecuted by DOJ years ago. Its the same basic scheme with different names to the process. Well paced and easy to follow presentation.


Morgan Lane, CPA (US)

Jun 15th 2022

This was not as helpful as I had hoped. I work with a wonderful tax system that does not allow many if not all of the errors he spoke of. So much did not apply to my needs for wanting to reinforce what I know about K-1s.


Christine Payne, CPA (US)

Jun 29th 2022

Virtual Currency is the hot topic in taxes right now. I learned a lot in this one-hour webinar which I can use in my job preparing taxes. The instructor presenting this webinar was great!!


Michael Boyle, CPA (US)

Mar 31st 2022

This was an effective class - particularly with regard to the nuances of roles and mechanics to complete Form 1099-K and use the information to prepare tax returns.

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