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If You Are A CPA, You Can Get Four Additional Titles From AICPA
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If You Are A CPA, You Can Get Four Additional Titles From AICPA

Damon Gamble, CPA
Damon Gamble, CPA
  • June 01, 2021 12:00 AM EST

Forward-thinking professionals habitually count on credentialing to scale up the challenging hierarchy. After all, you would be inclined towards the acquisition of additional titles from AICPA. In this context, you should know that CPAs can obtain four more AICPA certificates to upscale their respective profiles. In this post, we have briefed you upon all these four titles and can avail you of relevant resources.

Some of the most vital accounting certifications for CPAs include PFS, ABV, CITP, and CFF. These AICPA financial planning certifications would add value to your profile significantly. For professionals holding a valid CPA license, it is recommended to obtain these certificates.

Personal Financial Specialist (PFS)

Being a CPA, it’s natural to ask what is PFS or what does PFS stand for? PFS stands for Personal Financial Specialist. AICPA has a Personal Financial Planning (PFP) Division, which establishes the requirements to obtain this credential. Other organizations that determine the credentials of the PFS certification include the PFS Credential Committee and the National Accreditation Commission. These authorities determine the experience, technical skills, and adroitness that CPAs should obtain this certificate. Accordingly, these bodies have come up with four basic requirements for CPAs.

  • To be a present member of the AICPA by obtaining the CPA license
  • Pursue relevant PFP Education
  • Gain adequate PFP Experience
  • Clear the PFP Examination

By the time you obtain the personal finance certification, you would be well-versed with the professional standards. Given that the PFS designation is prestigious, it makes sense to go for the PFS financial course. Professionals need to enroll in the CPD package for PFS at reputed online institutes to prepare themselves.

Accredited In Business Valuation (ABV)

ABV is one of the professional qualifications for CPAs who hold their specialization in calculating business value. If you wish to obtain this certificate, you need to fill up a form for application. Next, the applicants need to clear an examination, fulfilling the standard requirements for business experience and education. This program encompasses aspects like professional standards, quantitative analysis, and valuation analysis. When you are well-versed with the modules, you can apply these skills while working with any venture working on business value. In most cases, CPAs with this certification can work with business valuation firms and consulting firms. For ABV professionals, it’s necessary to complete professional education for 60 hours every three years. You may have a look at the most effective ABV courses and enroll for the same.

Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF)

CFF (Certified in Financial Forensics) is a credential for CPAs who successfully demonstrate their dexterity in forensic accounting. Once you develop adequate knowledge, skills, and expertise through professional training, you can obtain this certification. As a certified CFF professional, you can deploy your industry skills in various service areas like financial statement misinterpretation, calculating economic damages, prevention and detection of frauds, and computer forensic analysis.

Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP)

CITP happens to be one of the AICPA credentials for CPAs who look forward to gaining a greater competence in business ability. This certificate would significantly add to your areas of expertise like IT risks, data analytics, and other emerging IT industry trends. All these skills would eventually foster better professionalism in accounting. The CITP certification ensures that it leverages the overall quality of information that CITP professionals receive. Apart from this, it creates better career opportunities with enhanced skills. While striving to establish yourself as a financial specialist with a CITP certification, you need to be aware of certain topics.

  • QuickBooks
  • Excel Accountant
  • QBO and other topics offered by the leading online institutes.

The first step to establishing yourself as a CPA personal financial specialist is to acquire relevant skills through professional training. With many people trying to find a personal financial specialist with adequate industry knowledge and certifications, it would be logical to stay abreast with the latest industry trends. This justifies why successful CPAs enroll for these training programs, webinars, and online sessions at reputed institutes.

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Damon Gamble, CPA

Damon Gamble, CPA

Managing Principal Gamble & Associates, LLC

The author, Mr. Gamble is the Owner and Managing Partner of Gamble and Associates, LLC, which is a CPA firm that provides accounting, tax and business consulting services to high net-worth individuals, and Small Businesses such as Sole Proprietorships, Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships, LLC’S and Trusts.

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