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Should you pay for your CPE/ CE Courses?
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Should you pay for your CPE/ CE Courses?

Allen Smith, CPA
Allen Smith, CPA
  • May 24, 2021 12:00 AM EST

While completing your annual CPE credit requirement, you would prefer the best combination of paid as well as free courses. End of the day, quality and affordability both are important parameters to decide a course for you.

However, Google is flooded with the questions like Where can I get free CPE Credits? Where to get free CPE Credits? How to get free CPE credits? If we narrow down, we find the search queries of “free CPE for enrolled agents”, “free CPE for CISA”, “free CPE for CPAs”Free! We can't ignore thefact that there is always an inclination towards free courses but we must evaluate both sides of the coin

This guide will help you to choose between Free & Paid (Premium) CPE courses. Exploring this guide will help you to quicklyfigure out the scenarios when one must choose free or paid courses

Evaluating Free Vs. Paid Courses

Free CPE courses and paid CPE courses have different attributes. We are listing out few of the attributes of the free courses that many accounting and financial professional has figured out:

  • Free courses can be of course inexpensive affair and a fast way to claim some credits without adding expenses.
  • Few companies give out their most valuable information under promotional offers.
  • Free courses are usually on topics that are not trending and not in high demand.
  • Online courses or webinars that are free may have questionable technical quality, lower quality graphics, and less than stellar Instructors.

Whereas, followings could be the typical attributes of the paid or premium course that accounting and financial professionals would spend their money on:

  • Paid courses are more likely to be relevant to your practice/ employment.
  • Paid courses come with great production quality with lesser technological glitches.
  • It May be presented as a paper-based, self-study books that are both boring and expensive.
  • Sometimes even paid courses end up result in no value addition to your skills. So select carefully.
  • The cost may include features that you don’t want or need, such as access to reference materials or discounts on related.

Trick to optimize "Low cost" with a "High-quality options"

Every year we see that number of free as well as paid courses are hitting the market. As a professional, your strategy should be to complete your CPE/ CE requirement with an optimized budget.

Bringing you the best news, at myCPE, you can get the best mix of free CPE courses as well as premium CPE courses such as tax updates and tax resolution-related courses. We are one of the few companies to offer free ethics and low-cost CPE course options that deliver high-quality information presented by leading industry experts. Using the latest webcasting technology and dynamic instructors with helpful information, we put a lot of effort into focusing on your professional needs.

If you are tired of choosing between frustrating free CPE courses and breaking the bank for those expenses paid courses, consider myCPE.

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Allen Smith, CPA

Allen Smith, CPA

Learning Consultant

The Authors, Allen Smith is a Practicing Certified public accountant and senior vice president at myCPE – Continuing Education Platform for Professionals. He understands the current needs of the education domain and strategies for the presenters to adapt the new changes.

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