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An ERPA is an Employee Retirement Plan Agent. ERPAs are retirement plan professionals that can represent clients before the IRS concerning IRS Forms 5300 and 5500 series and who are not otherwise included in a category of individuals allowed to practice before the IRS. 

MY-CPE LLC is approved by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and it offers Continuing Education (CE) courses for Enrolled Retirement Plan Agents (ERPAs). MY-CPE LLC has effectively met the standards set up by the Internal Revenue Service. We are focused on providing quality continuing education to Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent content that incorporates the most recent retirement and financial planning updates, reforms, and industry principles. Our IRS-approved CE courses are authored/reviewed by industry specialists and subject matter experts. 


CE Requirements:
72 hours of CE every 3 years, with a minimum of 16 hours per year.
License Renewal Period:
30th September triennially.
CE Reporting Cycle:
April 1st to June 30th triennially (based on the last digit of SSN).
Ethics Requirement:
2 hours of Ethics per year and a total of 6 hours of Ethics for a reporting period of 3 years.
Carryover Credits:
IRS does not allow enrolled retirement plan agents to carry excess CE credits over from one enrolment cycle to the next.

All ERPAs are required to complete at least 72 hours of CE every 3 years. A minimum of 16 hours of CE must be earned per year (including 2 hours of ethics). Many of our programs in Live and Self-Study are approved for continuing education for Enrolled Retirement Plan Agents. Here are myCPE Packages for Enrolled Retirement Plan Agents (ERPA) that meet all of your annual continuing education requirements in one go.

A minimum of 2 hours of ethics annually and a total of 6 hours for a reporting period of 6 years.

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The ERPA license renewal period ends on 30th September March triennially (based on the last digit of your social security number