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Cyber Security Managing Risk in the Information Age

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  • Cyber Security Incidents
    7 mins
  • Major Cyber Attacks
    18 mins
  • Malware Infection
    31 mins
  • A severe Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals
    47 mins
  • Beware of Extra Apps
    63 mins
  • Rethinking Cyber Security Leaderships & 22 Steps for Recovery & Prevention
    88 mins
  • Proper Information Disporition
    111 mins
  • How Cyber Security Will Change in 2021
    139 mins

Course Description

As global cybercrime increases, governments and businesses are struggling to keep up with the threats they are facing; because of the changing and innovative methods of attack being used against them. With internet of things (IoT) developments, there are near-limitless capabilities for companies to incorporate intelligent wireless technologies into their work-space. Whether using smartphones and watches, remote asset management systems, or other seamlessly connected devices, businesses have more flexibility than ever before regarding how they operate.

Unfortunately, however, these connected assets also create new gateways for malicious sources to gain access to sensitive information and critical systems. Hackers are now using artificial intelligence and automated software programs to funnel information about their intended targets. In fact, with the help of system exploits and phishing scams, it’s never been easier for passwords to become compromised.

The past decade has seen a plague of devastating ransomware attacks cause catastrophic damage to businesses in nearly every industry. Data breaches cause problems to businesses in several ways. According to IBM, it now takes companies on average 197 days to identify a breach to data security as it occurs. Additionally, it can take up to another 69 days to contain it.

It is important to prepare your employees on how to effectively mitigate their cybersecurity risks. While online digital retailers can rely on business insurance to mitigate some of the risks associated with data breaches, the cost of this downtime alone can be extremely problematic and companies can also experience legal troubles. It is much easier for hackers to pose as authorized members of a company while they inflict their damage from the inside and do so undetected.

Digitization of assets, large data storage capabilities, and cloud-based services, organizations can now streamline their operations and provide better quality goods and services to their customers. However, these advancements in technology, along with better accessibility to company data, also comes with great risk to both personal and business security. Which are all highlighted in this CPE/CPD course.

Major topics covered in this online CPE/CPD webinar:

  • Cyber security incidents
  • Cyber security risks
  • Major cyber attacks
  • Cyber security threats
  • Hootsuite case
  • Best practices from Kaspersky & TechRepublic
  • Changes in cyber security in 2021 Click for more w
  • Changes in cyber security in 2021

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Learning Objectives

  • To discuss about the top data breaches and financial losses to some mega giants and how they were attacked.
  • To determine some basic tips which can be applied to prevent data breach
  • To discover the top cyber security threats and a bit of information about them and how they attack your system or organization
  • To discuss measures that can be taken when your organization has a cyber attack
  • To discuss ways to protect your mobile phone access and its vulnerability
  • To re-evaluate the entire concept of cyber security leadership and methods that can be acquired to keep your companies safe
  • To discuss the expected predictions and spending on cyber security.
  • To discuss the future trend with statistical data and figures.

Who Should Attend?

  • Auditors
  • Business Owner
  • CEO
  • Certified Information Technology Professionals
  • CPA - Mid Size Firm
  • CPA - Small Firm
  • Cybersecurity Pros
  • IT Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Young CPA