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Profit-with-purpose Concept Of Shareholder Primacy Versus Stakeholder Primacy

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  • Important Terms
    6 mins
  • Business Sustainability Framework
    12 mins
  • The Role of Responsibility
    27 mins
  • Stakeholder Primacy
    36 mins
  • Sustainability Standards
    50 mins

Course Description

The main objective of business organizations has evolved from profit maximization to increasing shareholder wealth. In recent years, this objective has changed considering the recent developments in corporate governance and business sustainability to create shared value for all stakeholders. 

To effectively achieve this new objective, corporations are expanding their performance to both financial/quantitative economic performance (ESP) and non-financial/qualitative environmental, ethical, social and governance (EESG) sustainability performance. Sustainability has become economic and strategic imperative with potential to create opportunities and risks for businesses. Companies are now adopting the corporate mission of profit-with purpose in creating shared value for all stakeholders by shifting their goals to create shareholder value while fulfilling their social, environmental and governance responsibilities. 

Key topics:

  • Management’s role in integrating business sustainability into corporate culture, business environment and strategic plans and decisions. 
  • Ways to promote shared value creation for all stakeholders.  
  • Creating right balance between the wealth-maximization for shareholders and welfare-maximization for all stakeholders
  • The global move toward the adoption of benefit corporations and profit-with-purpose companies 
  • Sustainability performance, reporting, and assurance 

In this CPE webinar join Dr. Zabihollah (Zabi) Rezaee, noted teacher, researcher, industry consultant, auditor, and author, as he offers guidance on understanding the requirements for and best practices of profit-with-purpose in the context of shareholder and stakeholder primacy.

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Learning Objectives

  • To present the concept of profit-with-purpose in promoting shared value creation for all stakeholders.
  • To examine four themes of corporate sustainability including: the focus on stakeholder aspect, the main objective function of creating shared value for all stakeholders, multidimensional, and time horizons.
  • To discuss management role in integrating sustainability performance and reporting into corporate culture, business environment, strategic decisions and corporate reporting.
  • To explore business sustainability performance, reporting and assurance.
  • To present implications of sustainability worldwide and particularly.

Who Should Attend?

  • CPA (Industry)
  • CPA - Mid Size Firm
  • CPA - Small Firm
  • Young CPA