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Estate planning is one of the complicated mazes of federal and state laws, IRS rulings, and judicial interpretations.The constantly changing laws, as well as shifts in the judicial and political climate, make estate planning a highly dynamic field in which advisors engineer transactions that must hold water with authorities. Ensure your fundamentals are strong with this rich course.

Get Deeper Understanding of:
  • Estate Planning principles and fundamentals

  • Various deductions and adjustments

  • Strategic role of trusts in family wealth management

  • Solving complex community property issues

  • Lifetime transfers and federal tax on Estate Planning

Recommended For:
  • CPAs, EA, TEP, and other Accounts, Tax, and Financial professionals interested in expanding their practices in the Estate Planning areas.

  • Certified Financial Planners who want to revise a basic understanding of Estate Planning.

  • Professional Staff or Managers of CPA firms and EA firms who are starting or have less than 5 years experience in Estate planning practice.

Why become a Certified Estate Planning Professional with myCPE ?

Resources included
  • Handout PDFs for every Module
  • Glossary/Key Terms for every module
  • Q&A directly with instructors
Career Opportunities
  • Estate Planner
  • Investment officer
  • Trust Administrator
  • Trust Advisor
  • Wealth Manager
  • Financial Advisor
Value Addition to your skills
  • Estate planning skills and strategies
  • Advisory skills
  • Research skills
  • Analytical thinking


Module Name


CPAs and Financial Planners Must Know This about Trusts and Estates

2 Hours

  • To identify how to read and understand estate planning instruments
  • To explore planning opportunities and traps
  • To identify the requirements for a tryst to be a qualified designated beneficiary of an IRA
Robert Keebler
Robert Keebler

Partner , Keebler & Associates LLP

Introduction to the Estate Tax

3 Hours

  • To prepare a decedent;s final income tax return
  • To discuss fiduciary accounting and how it relates to Form 1041
  • To discuss various estate and tax deductions
Robert Keebler
Robert Keebler

Partner , Keebler & Associates LLP

The Efficacy and Application of 30 Common Trusts

2 Hours

  • To identify how trusts may protect assets and perpetuate family wealth over multiple generations
  • To recognize the seas of trusts in connection with disability, charity, life insurance. leveraging gifts, principal residences, and minors
Robert Keebler
Robert Keebler

Partner , Keebler & Associates LLP

Basic Estate Administration For CPAs & Financial Advisors

2 Hours

  • To identify the best practices for working closely with legal counsel
  • To recognize complex community property issues
  • To create an executor checklist
Robert Keebler
Robert Keebler

Partner , Keebler & Associates LLP

Estate Planning For IRAs Payable To Trusts After The Secure Act

2 Hours

  • To identify the new changes relating to IRAs and employer plans
  • To recall new estate and estate tax planning strategies in light of changes to IRA and employer plan rules
  • To recognize income tax planning when IRAs are paid to trusts
Robert Keebler
Robert Keebler

Partner , Keebler & Associates LLP

Fundamentals of Income Taxation of Trusts & Form 1041 Planning: What Every Advisors Needs to Know

2 Hours

  • To identify different types of trusts for income tax purposes
  • To identify special deductions available
  • To recall QSST and ESBT elections
Robert Keebler