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James Lange

James Lange, CPA/Attorney/Registered Investment Advisor

Bird In Hand,PA
  • Speaker Review Rating 4.5 / 5
  • Professionals Trained 655 Professionals Trained

About Speaker

Jim Lange’s tax and estate planning strategies have been endorsed by The Wall Street Journal (36 times). He wrote 8 best-selling books including The IRA and Retirement Plan Owner’s Guide to Beating the New Death Tax.  His books enjoy glowing testimonials from Charles Schwab, Larry King, Jane Bryant Quinn, Bob Keebler, Ed Slott, Burton Malkiel and many more.   His newest book, Retire Secure for Professors is available as an advanced readers copy.  

Jim’s RIA oversees $850 million under management. Jim’s law firm has completed 2,857 estate plans including wills, trusts, and beneficiary designations of IRAs and retirement plans. Jim’s CPA firm prepares 760 tax returns annually. 

Jim wrote the first peer-reviewed article regarding Roth IRA conversions in 1998 published in The Tax Adviser. Jim has authored 5 peer-reviewed articles in Trusts & Estates, and he is a regular contributor for and Retirement Daily.

Area of Expertise

  • Retirement and Estate Planning
  • Will & Trust Preparation
  • Tax Planning & Preparation and Tax-Saving Strategies
  • IRA Planning and Roth IRA Conversions

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  • 4.5

(391) Ratings



Very Good









Patricia Segal, CPA (US)

Oct 20th 2021

The instructor was very knowledgeable. He talked very clearly and was easy to understand. The information was very interesting and informative. He talked a little bit too much about his book and trying to sell it but I thoroughly enjoyed the class.


Sheridan Vernon, CPA (US)

Oct 21st 2021

Lange is a great speaker. As soon as he mentions the 67000 EA s all of whom do taxes as well as the 670 000 CPA s about 20% who specialize in taxes it will be perfect.


Donald W Stoker Stoker, CPA (US)

Jun 9th 2022

Instructor was excellent. I only wish that he had had time to talk about the charitable donation information, i.e. crt's, unitrusts, etc.


Nicole Bartle, CPA (US)

Feb 14th 2022

The topic has always been an interesting one and the presenter was able to keep my engaged attention over the entire webinar.


Meena Jaiswal, CPA (US)

Feb 15th 2022

The instructor and the content was excellent. Glad to attend from someone who is expert and has practical knowledge.


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