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Best Place for CIA CPE Courses [IIA Approved]
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Best Place for CIA CPE Courses [IIA Approved]

Jay Turner
Jay Turner
  • February 02, 2022 02:42 PM EST

Accounting is a rapidly growing industry and auditing in particular has gained more importance for lots of established and developing businesses— so it makes logical sense to consider a career as a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). To maintain this designation, a professional is required to fulfill certain CPE requirements (Continuing Professional Education).

CIAs need to complete their CPE to stay in good standing with Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), that also helps maintain knowledge and skills, and update them to reflect any improvements and developments that have been made to the internal auditing standards, procedures and techniques.

To gain those CPE credits, the professionals are always on the lookout for the best platform or site that can fulfill their requirements in the easiest possible way. However, there’s usually some disappointment finding that the platforms they chose offer courses at higher price and are outdated or irrelevant.

Let’s compare myCPE and IIA to see which could be a better choice for CIA CPE?

What makes myCPE the best place for IIA approved CPE course provider:

Better pricing: CPE credits on myCPE are available for an unmatched price of $10 to $15 per credit, while taking courses from IMA will cost upto $60 per credit. To further bring down the overall cost of continuing education, myCPE has a 40 CPE package for CIA (Compliant with IIA and including Ethics) that helps you get all your CPE credits at one place.

Multiple Compliance: Besides being the top CPE provider for CIA professionals, myCPE also houses courses for 100+ other qualifications including CPA, EA, CFP, CMA, CFF, CFE, CITP, ABV, PFS, CVA, CISA, TEP, etc. While the course options on IIA site are limited, and dedicated for just one qualification, CIA.

You must note that the CIA certification is designed to complement other credentials or degrees which means that the holders of CIA titles have varied skills and expertise. Sounds great but the real problem arises while searching for eligible courses that can fulfil CPE requirements of all the other courses together. Most people are bound to switch between platforms and jump from one site to another for CPE and often end up spending hefty sums of money.

You may also find Combo packages for CPA, CIA & CMA that can cater to the CPE needs of these three titles at one place or another 20 CPE package for non practicing CIA

The course library on myCPE has been formed by the work of 400+ subject matter experts and educators who have contributed over 10000+ hours of learning materials to the platform.

Multiple modes of learning (Live+On-Demand+Ebooks+Podcasts, etc.) make it even more favorable for the professionals to take their credits at their convenience. A dedicated mobile app adds to the ease, which is not available with other providers.

myCPE courses are acceptable for CIA CPE credits and CIAs in every state can receive credits from our courses. The myCPE site contains hundreds of hours of courses in A&A, Business Analytics & Intelligence, CFO, Management Accounting, Finance and much more. Apart from that, we also have the mandatory CIA Ethics.

Unlimited Access for just $199 is the ultimate plan for every professional where they can sign up and take as many courses as they want and fulfil their continuing education requirements for all the qualifications simultaneously. Even firms can sign up their staff members at $199/staff.

Whether you need a few hours of CPE to complete your annual requirements or want all 40 to fulfill the annual requirements, myCPE has the courses that fit your needs and schedule. Bookmark our page with CPE courses for CIA and also share with your peers.

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Jay Turner

Jay Turner

Director of Marketing

The author, Jay Turner is a Director of Marketing at myCPE - Continuing Education Platform for Professionals. With over a decade of experience in marketing and communications, he is devoted to help the presenter to develop their brands and market their webinars digitally.

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