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Fail Proof Method For Implementing An Information Security Program

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Before starting this self study program, please go through the instructional document.


  • Benefits of an Information Security Program
    6 mins
  • From Data to Information
    14 mins
  • Contextual Analysis
    38 mins
  • The Hockey Stick Principles
    55 mins
  • Statement of Scope
    72 mins
  • Internal Audits
    96 mins

Course Description

In this tech CPE webinar for CPAs, you will learn a fail-proof methodology for implementing an Information Security Program (“ISP”) over 12 months starting from a business case until the first management review. This methodology is applicable to all organizations of all sizes, and industries. 

This webinar will be helpful to gain knowledge on the essential topics if you are planning to implement ISP:

  • Understand how to prepare for your ISP and assess the context in which you’re working, 
  • How to manage your project over time, include the right individuals, 
  • Schedule compliance requirements and 
  • Managing your compliance back-end through appropriate tools. 

This is a must Tech CPE Webinar if you are planning to employ an in-house or consultancy source in implementing ISP. The webinar will also be able to assist technical experts in the selection and validation of security controls and ensure that appropriate processes are implemented. 

Some of the topics that will be covered in the tech CPE webinar include:

  • Identify and assess internal and external factors relevant to the ISP;
  • Assign roles and responsibilities for information security;
  • Identify, set up and establish governance and reporting structure;
  • Obtain management’s support through a business case;
  • Manage an ISP implementation project using best practices;
  • Establish governance documents, such as policies and procedures;
  • Identify information security objectives and related measures;
  • Ensure compliance with governing requirements;
  • Establish processes for managing security risks for products, services, departments, or even at the organization-level, and for such information to feed into meaningful decision-making tools;
  • Report effectively to executives and boards of directors to obtain resources for the ISP.

Learning Objectives

  • To analyze the requirements for developing an ISP.
  • To establishing appropriate security metrics and reporting structures for the ISP.
  • To analyze the requirements for implementing an ISP.
  • To identify ways to ensure the continual improvement of an ISP.

Who Should Attend?

  • Certified Information Technology Professionals
  • CPA - Mid Size Firm
  • Cybersecurity Pros
  • Information Reporting Officers
  • IT Managers
  • Young CPA