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Fraud Concepts – Understanding Fraudsters

Fraud Concepts – Understanding Fraudsters

1 Credit


Subject Area


Webinar Qualifies For

1 CPE credit of Auditing for all CPAs

1 CPE credit for Certified Management Accountants (CMA)

1 CPE credit for Certified Internal Auditors (CIA)

1 CPD credit (Verifiable) for Canadian CPAs

1 CPE credit for Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs)

1 CPD credit (Verifiable) for CPA/CFF

1 CPD credit (Verifiable) for Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA)

1 General Educational credit for Tax Professionals / Bookkeepers / Accountants

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  • Fraud Life Cycle
    4 mins
  • Fraud Triangle
    11 mins
  • Motivator: Business Need
    20 mins
  • Motivator: Slippery Slope
    28 mins
  • The Three Largest Frauds
    44 mins

Course Description

This course is the introductory session to a series of fraud courses from Vic Hartman an FBI Special Agent of 25 years and fraud expert. The course explains why people commit fraud and why this information is essential to the effective prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud.

Frauds are perpetrated in dramatically different ways and the motivation to commit these frauds are equally diverse. This course provides instruction on the classification of frauds and pairs these frauds with common motivations.

Highlights of the webinar:

  • Why people commit fraud
  • Why reasons for committing fraud are essential to effective prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud
  • The classification of frauds
  • Associating common frauds with common motivations
  • Discussion of an investigation into Enron and WorldCom cases

Why you should attend this webinar?

The speaker, Vic Hartman, has personally dealt with fraudsters for over 30 years and uses real-life experiences to bring the material to life. This crucial webinar will provide knowledge, and in-turn, vital insights in aiding CPAs, auditors, and management with developing effective internal controls. It enables forensic accountants and investigators to effectively conduct interviews and interrogations.

Learning Objectives

  • To identify the mindset of fraudsters
  • To distinguish between predatory and situational fraudsters
  • To recognize how fraud motivations vary by fraud classifications
  • To explore the fraud triangle and its limitations
  • To recall how emotions drive fraudulent behavior

Who Should Attend?

  • Accountant
  • Accounting Firm
  • Accounting Managers
  • Auditors
  • Chief Accounting Officer
  • CPA (Industry)
  • CPA - Mid Size Firm
  • CPA - Small Firm
  • Entrepreneurial Accountant
  • Entrepreneurial CPA
  • Senior Accountant
  • Staff of Accounting Firm
  • Young CPA